Spool Winding

Helping manufacturers reduce downtime and boost profits

Our expertise in customised spooling services means we can improve many elements of the manufacturing process, helping customers across many different sectors save time, reduce costs, increase output and boost profits. Working in modern premises with leading-edge machinery, round-the-clock production facilities and a highly trained team, we can handle virtually any contract spooling or web conversion project.

Increased product throughput

We transform wide-width, short-length, heavy rolls of tape into narrow-width, very long and very stable spools that can be run on packaging lines at extremely high speeds to significantly increase the throughput of packaged products. Customers using materials we have converted have reported productivity gains of over 200% and reductions of over 80% in process waste.

Reduced equipment downtime

Typically, our spools ensure higher line speeds, fewer roll changes and fewer splices, resulting in reduced downtime for key machinery.

Unsurpassed capabilities

We have the largest range of spooling heads and configurations available for contract work in Europe. Our custom spooling lines produce spool widths from 2mm up to 76mm wide, and spool outer diameters ranging from 50mm to 500mm.

Our modern spool winding machinery, equipped with the latest electronic drives, enables us to produce longer lengths of material in stable packages, which are less prone to damage during transit and handling.

With our in-depth understanding of materials and winding technology we can level wind even the most difficult substrates, and our 24-hour production provides flexibility and speed in order fulfilment.

Broad-ranging applications, cost effective solutions

Our advanced spooling techniques mean we can convert a wide range of tapes, including complex sticky tapes, technical non-woven tapes, acquisition layer, elastic, and hook and loop tapes for food and drink, security, cabling, health and medical product applications.

We can also create longer production runs of highly stable material, which enables customers to increase output and reduce downtime in their own manufacturing processes. Many of the sectors in which we work operate within exacting hygiene standards. To preserve the hygienic integrity of these products, we work under clean room conditions in our factory.

Contact us to find out how you can profit from our contract spool winding services.

ProSpool's leading-edge spooling machines
Slitting Width (mm)4-353-351-912-3512-5012-19
Max. input roll diameter (mm)60012004006001200500
Recommended materialsSelf adhesive films, foams, non-adh foilsFilms, foils s/a foams to 4mm, non wovensTear tapes, hot stamping foils, filmsSelf adhesive tapes, strong filmsThick films, non wovensSelf adhesive sealing tapes
Max. spool diameter (mm)480480350380500350
Max. spool width (mm)320320160320500100
No. Stations182424121518
Core inside diameter (mm)76.2 or 152.476.2 or 152.429.0 or 76.2 or 152.476.2 or 152.476.2 or 152.4152.4
Slitting typesShear, razorShear, razor crush cutShear, razorShear, razorShear, crush cutrazor
Types of material we can spool
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Adhesive & non-adhesive foam
  • Non-woven fabrics
  • Plastic films
  • Resin-based composites
  • Paper (coated and uncoated)
  • Laminates
  • Metal foils (including aluminium, copper, alloys)