A strong, capable and professional team

The calibre, proactivity and positivity of our team is key to our long-term stability and growth.

Many of our staff have been with the company for several years, which has enabled them to develop the specialist knowledge and skills that our customers value. Our leadership team (below) actively encourages an entrepreneurial spirit throughout the business, and supports the wider ProSpool team to undertake ongoing professional development to continually build and develop their skills and expertise.

Richard Hobson

Managing Director

Richard founded ProSpool in 1986 having identified a gap in the market for high quality contract spooling services. His vision laid the foundations for the company’s continued growth and expansion into international markets. Richard leads ProSpool’s sales and marketing activities. Contact Richard

Simon Browning

non-executive Technical Director

Simon joined ProSpool in 2005, having previously run Connect Yorkshire, a regional support network specialising in fledgling high growth technology firms. An engineer by training, Simon’s broad business background is key to ProSpool’s highly efficient and professional service delivery model. He currently holds a non-executive technical director position at ProSpool after taking on the role of managing director at Select Bag Sealers. Contact Simon

Sue Hobson

Finance Director

Sue is ProSpool’s co-founder. As finance director, her careful stewardship of the company’s financial affairs has been critical to its underlying strength. Sue has overseen steady year-on-year growth and has helped steer the company through successful acquisitions and strategic alliances. Contact Sue

John Haig

Operations Director

John joined ProSpool in 1998. His technical expertise has helped the business establish its reputation for developing innovative production management processes. John has played a key role in the overall development of the company and joined the board in 2005. Contact John