About us

Making a positive difference to our customers

Our business success is founded on a solid base of technical expertise in spooling, slitting and winding alongside in-depth knowledge of varied manufacturing processes and markets.

Our experience and technical know-how are matched by our technological capability and capacity. Rounding off our core offering is a rigorous commitment to efficient business and management processes.

Our overriding objective is to make a positive difference to our customers and help them transform their businesses. In this endeavour, our priority remains the pursuit of excellence. We aim to deliver the highest levels of technical expertise and service, combined with products of the highest quality.

The business has grown steadily since its formation in 1986, making ProSpool the fastest growing specialist spooling contractor in Europe.

Partnerships at heart

Partnership is the cornerstone of our business operations, and many of our customers see ProSpool as an integral part of their own internal teams. That’s because we work closely with, listen to and take time to fully understand their needs and aspirations – an approach that has helped us to repeatedly deliver creative, targeted and cost-effective solutions that save them time and deliver production efficiencies.

Embracing innovation

We embrace innovation and change where they can enhance the benefits we deliver to our customers. We also add value to customers through the cross-fertilisation of best practice techniques drawn from specific market sectors.

Over the years, we have adapted and expanded our core skills to incorporate a broad range of specialist capabilities for different markets, allowing us to offer bespoke services and support to satisfy individual customer requirements.

Global knowledge

The business has grown organically around the industrial markets where we have acquired specialised capabilities; as well as in the geographic regions we have come to know. We currently serve more than 25 countries across six continents.

Working in different geographic regions means that we understand and can effectively manage the cross-cultural and logistical complexities of international projects. We currently work with customers in Europe, the US, Latin America, Scandinavia and the Far East.

A responsible, ethical business

We are committed to active engagement with the wider community, and we aim to fulfil our ambitions as a responsible corporate citizen in a variety of ways, including a commitment to responsible environmental management and support for good causes.

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