ProSpool has developed an enviable reputation as the leading provider of contract spooling services in Europe.

Our technical expertise and technological capability enable us to deal with a wide variety of materials in varying dimensions. Typically, we work with adhesive tapes, paper, plastic films, non-woven fabrics and many other materials.

Our six state state-of-the-art spooling machines enable us to wind up to ten times more material than other systems. This capability means we can deliver significant cost benefits to our customers in terms of maximum material gains and reduced storage requirements. Our techniques and machinery allow us to provide additional services such as de-spooling large packages of material.

As part of our integrated processes we use a range of slitting systems including rotary shear, crush cutting, static and rotary razor blades.

Early on, we recognised the huge advantages of spool-winding. We have invested heavily in developing our skills and services in this area ever since. And we continue to learn, innovate and improve. That’s why our customers trust us to deliver for them. Whether a project is small, large, straightforward or complex, we’ll address it with equal professionalism and care.